Tips For Bloggers

Time Management Tips For Bloggers

Blogging is such a cool profession, but man, is it a time suck!

There’s thinking up posts, writing posts, taking pictures for posts, editing the pictures, finding the right keywords, putting the keywords in the right spots, promoting the posts, and on and on and on.

I thought it might be helpful to share some of my basics for time management tips for bloggers to get you on track.

Tips For Bloggers

Create Systems

With so much to focus on (and soooo many “squirrels” going by) everyday, it’s important to create systems that can be followed by you, or your VA, so that you know you’re hitting all the most important points.

For example, create a checklist of what to do after you publish a post. Once you hit publish you should post it to your blog Facebook page, you should post it to your blog Twitter account, you should post it to your Instagram account, you should Pin it to your blog board and schedule it to any relevant boards and you should put it into the rotation to be promoted again in a few weeks so it doesn’t get buried.

By creating systems, or checklists, you make sure that everything gets done every day and you have way more time to spend doing the fun stuff.

I’d like to encourage you to take 5 minutes to list out all of the things that you do in your blogging business that you could create a system for i.e. – editing photos, writing a blog post, posting to social media.

Use Scheduling Tools

If your life is like mine, you’re just happy to actually get a post done. Or maybe you’ve scheduled it to go out at 5am the next day, but you won’t be around to do any of the sharing.

This is where scheduling tools come in to play.

Right now my favorites are Buffer, for Facebook and Twitter, and Board Booster, for Pinterest.

I spend an hour once or twice a week and schedule out all of my social media promotions. Now, this doesn’t mean that I am not also organically pinning and posting to these sites too, it just means that I need a little help getting it all done.

Schedule Time For Work And For Play

As bloggers, there’s always more that we could be doing. There’s always another post to write, picture to edit, sidebar to tweak…it’s never ending.

The trick is to have a plan, work that plan and then walk away for a bit.

My best tip for this is to do a brain dump on Sunday nights. Write down everything in your life that you need accomplish in the next week (everything from blog posts to cleaning toilets).

Then take out a weekly calendar and assign everything to a day. This really helps fight overwhelm. You know that you will get to everything so it’s not taking up brain space and you be more creative.

Also be sure to schedule in exercise, family time and personal time…if it’s not on the calendar, then it usually gets skipped. Make sure that you’re taking care of you too!

These tips are designed to help you run your blog…instead of it running you.

Do yourself a favor and implement them today and you’ll see that you’ll be 10x more productive!

And if you need a little more structure, click here to download my free daily blog tracker printable as a little shortcut!

Do you have any other time management tips for bloggers?


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