What I Learned When Pinterest Broke Up With Me

I love Pinterest. And they used to love me.

I have worked HARD over the last year to build my Pinterest account. One year ago I had about 3500 followers and today I have 14.6k…but I should have more (and I’m totally bitter).

Pinterest totally cut me off a month ago and I have been in the black hole of depression ever since (ok, that’s a little over dramatic, but if you’re a blogger, you know what I mean). They say there’s nothing wrong with my account and that I had been being “recommended” to new pinners and am not now, but I don’t buy that. They just don’t love me any more.

In the last month, I’ve tried tons of different things to try and woo them back (and I’m still working on that). But I wanted to share with you what I’ve found that works so maybe you can avoid the heartache I’ve felt.

1. Keywords Matter on Pinterest

Pinterest wants to be a search engine when it grows up so they are making keywords MUCH more important. This is important to know because you need to make sure that you are keywording your profile, your boards, your board descriptions and your pins (and even your repins if the person hasn’t keyworded them how you want).

2. Pin Often – Hand Pin AND Schedule

I grew my account initially by pinning 60 – 80 pins a day. Then when the new Smart Feed came in, that strategy stopped working. BUT it seems to be back in favor so I’m back to pinning a lot.

The only way I know how to do this is to use a mix of scheduling software (check out my video on how I set up Board Booster) that can pin a majority of your pins all day long…Board Booster is awesome because you can set it to Loop some of you bigger boards. So it will pull the pins off the bottom and put them at the top…recycling the content you’ve already pinned. (This strategy is working GREAT on my Organization Board.)

You’ll also want to make sure that you are hand pinning organically a few times of day. Just hop on your phone and spend 10 minutes a few times a day pinning.

3. Join Group Boards

Big group boards have always scared me. They have rules and I don’t want to do something to get kicked off. But instead of trying, I’ve been kind of stalled. Recently my friend Jill Levenhagen Pinterest Strategist helped me set up my Board Booster account to pin to those boards. Within a few days, I noticed that my pins are being seen by MANY more people (according to my Pinterest Analytics) and it’s given me hope and courage to continue looking for more and more large group boards to join.

4. Check Your Analytics

Check your Pinterest Analytics (and you Google Analytics) often. These will tell you which pins are most popular, which boards those pins are on, which pins are driving traffic to your site, and therefore what you should be posting about and pinning more often.

My Pinterest audience is slightly different than my blog audience so I need to make sure that I am creating and curating content that they want to see. My analytics help me do just that.

5. Vary Your Pins – Repins and Organic Pins 

Don’t just repin from your feed! I mean you can do that, but not all the time. Pin things organically (this one is really making a difference in my account right now) from the original source.

6. Get Help

Take a course, talk to other bloggers, spend time on Pinterest. This isn’t a set it and forget it kind of site. It changes daily and if you aren’t constantly adjusting your strategy (and even if you are, like me), you will not build your account to where you want it to be.

Earlier I mentioned my friend, Jill Levenhagen…she should really be called The Pinterest Whisperer. She spends hours each day studying Pinterest and testing out what works and what doesn’t.

She’s just come out with a new 2.5 hour video course called Advanced Pinterest Strategies where she teaches you ALL her secrets! This course is not for new Pinterest users…this is for people that want to become power pinners and drive traffic to their sites using advanced Pinterest strategies. Trust me, she will blow your mind and increase your follower numbers all at the same time!

Jill has been instrumental in helping me get through my Pinterest break-up (she even emailed them on my behalf!). She’s let me cry on her shoulder too.

I’m hoping that I’m back on solid ground with them (I got 96 followers yesterday!).

Do you have any strategies that are working for you on Pinterest right now?

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