How To Create A Pinterest Friendly Image

How To Create A Pinterest Friendly Image For Your Blog Post

My biggest source of traffic (by far!) on my personal blog comes from Pinterest. I’m not a craft blogger, or a food blogger, or a cute-things-to-do-with-kids blogger, either. My “secret” is this: if I have a post that I think might be suitable for Pinterest, I create a Pinterest-friendly image and put it at the beginning of my blog post. That’s it.

Here are some tips for creating Pinterest-friendly images for your blog posts.

How To Create A Pinterest Friendly Image

Pin a post that will offer value to readers. People pin things that they like, want to try, or are interested in. When I am pinning (and creating image for) my own content, I always make sure it’s something of interest and that people will want to click. Your Day at the Park post might not be interesting enough to pin…10 Tips for Enjoying Your Day at the Park with a Toddler, however, might be the perfect post to pin!

Make it cute. The image needs to be compelling and draw in a pinner’s attention (have you seen all the pretty pictures on Pinterest?).

Use a site like PicMonkey to add text to your image. In most cases, you need more than a picture. People can write whatever they want to describe the pin…be sure to describe the pin yourself on the actual image. You can add details in the comments. PicMonkey is free, and super easy to use!

Tell about your blog post, but don’t give away the content! When someone sees the image above in their Pinterest feed, they will hopefully want to click on the image to learn about how to create a Pinterest-friendly image. If I just listed out the steps in my pin, no one would click it!

Here are examples of the images I created for some of my biggest Pinterest traffic-drivers:

This image clearly states what the post is about and is appealing to people who have Pinterest boards that focus on writing.

This next pin offers a recipe (recipes are always popular!) and even a suggestion for its use (teach or neighbor gifts).

This next pin appeals to people on two levels – it talks about parties (Pinterest loves parties!) and it talks about saving money (people love saving money!).

Creating Pinterest-friendly images not only helps you to find new traffic, but it also helps your readers to easily share your content!

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