How To Make Plans For Your Blog

How To Make Plans For Your Blog

It’s January, and that means many of us are busy making big plans for the new year. Plans are awesome, plans are great…plans are important! If growing your blog – for fun, for profit, or just because – is one of your goals, you need a plan.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you map out your road for 2014.

How To Make Plans For Your Blog
  1. What are your goals? Sarah wrote a great post about making goals, and how important it is they be measurable. If you have dreams for your blog, you need to have goals, too…these stepping stones will pave the way for your success (that sounded so cheesy…but I’m leaving it).
  2. How are you going to reach those goals? If you want to post 3x a week but currently only have time to post 1x a week…where is the extra time going to come from? If you want to go to a blog conference, which one, when, and how much will it cost? Plan. Plan. Plan.
  3. Blogging can be free, or it can be very costly. Do you have a budget for your blog? You might want to make one.
  4. What will you write about this year? Some people are full of ideas…others like to plan. If you need ideas, be sure to check out Sarah’s blog post ideas Kickstarter series on Amazon – totally worth a few bucks, and then some!
  5. Do you have an editorial calendar? All of those great post ideas you have will serve you better if you keep track of them somewhere. There are lots of ways to keep an editorial calendar…here’s how I use mine (and it includes a free printable, too).
  6. What are your plans for social media? Do you have areas you need to work on our social media channels you want to dominate this year? How will you do that?
  7. Is it time to hire help? Elizabeth offers VA services, and she helps me out for an hour or two each week. I really struggle with keeping up with social media…she helps me with that, and in just a few weeks she’s really helped grow Twitter and Pinterest for both of my blogs! She also has a linky party service, where she will link up your post to a bunch of linky parties for you (this can really increase your traffic when done right).

Of course, blogs change and grow as we change and grow…your focus today might shift by the end of the year, and your goals might change, too. That’s okay…and that’s probably why so many of us love blogging.

What are your big plans for 2021?

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