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Efficient Blogging: Schedule Your Posts

One of the things I am constantly working on, and constantly struggling with, is how to blog more efficiently. I have two kids who are at home most of the time, and my work hours are limited. I need to fit as much work into as little time as possible.

I’m not great at this – it’s a struggle, and I could always be more efficient. But I do have some tips and tricks that you might be able to take and apply to your own blogging schedule – the first one (and the easiest, and possibly the most AWESOME) tip is simple: Schedule Your Posts (for social media and for your blog).

Schedule Your Posts

First, let’s talk about your actual blog posts. Maybe this is something you already do. When I have a lot of sponsored posts that need to be written, I do my best to schedule them for 24 hours apart – this way, everyone gets a full 24 hours at the top of my home page, and it doesn’t matter if I’m not home to publish a post – they’ve already been scheduled, and will be posted automatically.

Scheduling posts is also awesome for those of you who are sporadic “binge” writers (you know what I mean if I’m talking about you – those of you that go weeks without writing and then stay up all night and pump out five blog posts in one sitting when a creative streak hits you ). If you go on a writing binge like this, that’s awesome – you’ve now got content for days (or weeks, depending on how frequently you post). Schedule those to post with a few days between each one…and now, instead of a blogging “dry spot” you’ve got fresh content being posted consistently, even though you haven’t written for weeks.

If you have an email subscription service (and you should, so people can subscribe to your emails) keep that in mind, too. Mine goes out between 9-11 every morning, so if I write a post that I want people to see on Friday, I make sure to schedule it for SUPER early Friday morning so it will be included in the email that my subscribers see that day.

Now, this is the awesome thing about technology…you can schedule all of your social media shares to coincide with your blog posts, which means you can run about your daily business and know that Facebook and Twitter are sharing all the great stuff you spent all those hours working on.

Scheduling tweets is easy, and I’ve got a tutorial for you here about how to schedule tweets with Tweetdeck.

Scheduling your Facecbook posts is just as easy, and can be done directly from your Facebook page. Here’s how:

  • Go to your blog’s Facebook page and enter your status update (including links, pictures, etc.).
  • Don’t click on submit! Instead, click on the little clock at the bottom left-hand corner of your update.
  • From there, fill in the year, month, date, and time that you want the post to be published, and then click Enter.

You can also use a program liked Buffer to schedule your social media posts (with Buffer, you can schedule Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all from one place). You can find a tutorial on using Buffer here.

{Random side note: I don’t use Buffer because I kind of like to tailor my posts to the social media platform I am using…for example, I use lots of hashtags on Google+ but avoid them when possible on Facebook, and I like to use images on Facebook but not usually on Twitter…etc., etc. – and Buffer pushes out one post across all social media outlets attached, so it’s not perfect for my blog…but it is a great option for many bloggers and worth checking out).

I can promise you that scheduling your posts – on your blog and through your social media channels – will help you be more efficient and allow you to spend more time doing what you really love…blogging!

Do you schedule your content to be published or publish and post as you go?

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