Branding Your Blog

Branding Your Blog Checklist

Branding Your Blog


Carrie, Elizabeth and I got to talking and thought that it might be helpful to have a checklist of social media sites that you might need to know about when setting up a blog and building your brand.

Branding your blog is important so that people can see you and know who you are. Every interaction that they have with you, across all media, supports what they know (or think they know) about your blog.

For example The Blogging Bunch….if you go to The Blogging Bunch on FB, Twitter, G+, or Pinterest you will see advice about blogging. You will not see reviews of cars or household products (unless they help you with your blog). Be consistent with your audience so they know what to expect from you.

Social Media

Social Media can be completely overwhelming and cause you just to throw up your hands and walk away, we KNOW!

But at some point in your blogging career, you’re going to  want to have  accounts on all of them…you never know what the next big thing will be.

So I created a checklist to help you be sure and hit them all when you’re creating your blog. By having consistent names across all accounts, your audience will see you out there and know what to expect from you.

Branding Your Blog Checklist

These are really just the basic social media outlets that are most popular today. There are many more out there!

Have you branded your blog?

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