Easily Share Your Content

How To Easily Share Your Content

Last week, I wrote about how annoying commenting systems can keep people from commenting on your blog. This week I’m going to address a similar issue, and one that is equally, if not more, important. Your content needs to be easy to share.

For most of us, it’s not enough to just write an awesome blog post and leave it at that. Even if we share it on all of our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – we often rely on the help of others to really get it out there. Every time someone pins one of your blog posts, or shares it on Facebook, you’re potentially looking at new pageviews and hopefully, new readers!

But if your content is difficult to share – if you don’t have a way to pin from your website, for example – then you are potentially losing out on lots of traffic.

Here are 5 tips for making sure that your readers can easily share your content.

Easily Share Your Content

1. Write blog posts people want to share. Helpful, inspiring, and well-thought-out content is the kind of stuff people share with their friends. Think of your Pinterest and Facebook feeds…what kind of stuff do you like to see? What do you click on? Keep that in mind when crafting your own blog posts.

2. Always include a bright, “pinnable” image. Pinterest brings in lots of traffic for lots of bloggers. Get on board! Here are some tips for creating pinnable images.

3. Have a catchy title. When people share your content on Facebook, and often on Pinterest and Twitter, the title is what a new reader is going to see. They will decide – just on your title (or sometimes image!) – if they want to read that article or not. So be clever and to-the-point when you come up with your title.

4. Make it SUPER EASY for people to share your content via social media. WordPress plugins like Shareaholic and Flare put social media share buttons in easily-accessible places on your post. I have mine on the top and bottom of each post – some have them on the side. In addition, you can use a plugin called Pinterest Pin-it for Images that will put a “Pin It!” button on all of your images so people can pin from the actual image (not gonna lie – I’m getting spoiled by this, and if I don’t see a “Pin It!” button, I often won’t pin something I normally might).

5. Ask. Sometimes you just need a little help. I often ask my blogging buddies, or my friends (or my mom!) to share my content. Most people are happy to help me out with a pin or a tweet…and that will usually get the ball rolling!

What tips would you add to this list? What does it take for you to want to share a blog post you’ve read?

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