Why Aren’t You On Google+ Yet?

Why You Aren’t On Google+ Yet?

Why Aren’t You On Google+ Yet?

I know, I know…there are a ton of social media sites and you can’t keep track of them.

And it’s smart to focus on a few, but I want to encourage you to make Google+ the next one you jump into.

Right now, it’s still a growing space, but it’s predicted to be THE next big social media site…which means you want to be there already when mainstream America finally figures that out (just in case it really happens).

Not convinced?

Here are two definite bonuses to being on Google+:

Search Engine Optimization – G+ is part of Google and right now Google is king and you want them to think you rock. By regularly posting to G+, Google will begin to see that you are an influencer and potentially put your posts in search results.

Hangouts – You can use their free software to video chat with your friends and customers. You can also use it to create videos that are automatically uploaded to G+ and YouTube (yep they own that too). You can use these videos to create trainings, tutorials or reviews for your blog…and by embedding those vidoes on your blog you’re now connected to other big sites. PLUS Google ranks video higher in search rankings and you’re more likely to get on page 1.

Ok…so maybe I’ve convinced you, but you have NO IDEA where to start.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a 4 part video series that will walk you through Google+ and get you started on the right foot.

Check out this first video:

We’ve got three more videos that walk you through the rest of the menu bar in Google+ explaining what you need to know…and what can maybe wait until later.

So click here to sign up for our free 4 part G+ video series and then join our Blogging Bunch Google+ Community!

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