7 Secrets To List Building

7 Secrets To List Building

For many new bloggers, the idea of list building is just too much to think about. You’re just worried about getting people to actually read the content you’ve put up and deal with all the plugins and OY the social media…figuring out RSS and autoresponders and which program is the best (and cheapest) gets put on the back burner.

But here are 7 little secrets that might sway you to move building an email list to the top of your “list.”

7 Secrets To List Building

Your Blog Is A Business

With social media you have to contend with cat videos and baby laughing videos, but with email messages your audience has signed up to receive your emails and are expecting to get your blog posts and promotions. That makes email much more businesslike than social media can ever dream of being.

All About The Numbers

More people have email accounts than they do social media accounts, and more people still purchase through email than they do through social media messages. Plus, the truth is that social networks are beginning to seriously limit your ability to get to your audience even when they have consented to receive your messages by liking your pages.

They Agreed To It

Your subscribers have agreed to receive your emails, which is a big thing. When someone “likes” your social media page they actually aren’t expecting promotions to appear on their wall (can you imagine that?), but when they sign up to get your email messages they are expecting to receive emails from you about your blog and business.


Actually not only have they agreed to it, but they expect you to email them. They’ve given their permission for you to send them marketing messages and are expecting to receive them. In fact, if you don’t send them often enough, they will get frustrated that you’re not sending them enough messages, forget about you and eventually unsubscribe.

Personal Experience

People often check their email all…day…long.This gives you a chance to reach them when they’re ready. Email also gives you the personalization options that social media can’t. When you post to social media, it is going out to all audience members (or the 3 that FB deems worthy) with no personalization. Email is a great way for your audience to really get to know you and have a direct line to you too.

More Engagement

People are much more likely to open and engage with a personalized email message than they are to engage with your social media broadcasts. That’s why social media marketing should be used to build your email list primarily rather than promote posts and products directly.


With your email software analytics you will be able to tell exactly who is opening your emails, who is clicking on the links and which links they are clicking on. This can give you sooo much more information about your readers and make your future email campaigns much more targeted.

These days with Facebook and Pinterest changing their algorithms every other day, reaching your audience has become harder and harder to do through social platforms. But with list building efforts, you will always have a direct line to your readers through their inbox.

I use and recommend MailChimp. You can even set up a free account to give it a try. I wrote a post and even did a video to show you how to set up your RSS campaign <—definitely check that out.

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