How To Join The Amazon Affiliate Program

How To Join The Amazon Affiliate Program

How To Join The Amazon Affiliate Program

There are a lot of different affiliate programs out there.  One of my favorites is the Amazon Affiliate program.  If you don’t have a lot of traffic then you probably won’t make much at first (they say you should average one sale for every one hundred clicks), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started now.  The sooner you sign up and input the affiliate links into your posts the sooner you can make a sale!

How The Program Works

Amazon is a popular and well respected online store.  They have become so big that they now sell pretty much anything and everything.  With such a diversified selection it means that the affiliate program works for pretty much every type of blog niche.

The great part about the program is that you can get credit for every sale made and not just for the product you’ve highlighted.  For example, I have a blog post about ways to use a Boppy.  In the post, I have an Amazon affiliate link to the Boppy on Amazon.  Someone might click through that link, look at the Boppy, but decide that they don’t want it.  Being on Amazon’s site may remind them of something they need to buy though, so they stay on Amazon’s site and buy the other item.  Even though my link wasn’t for the other item Amazon will still pay me a commission for it since my link is what got the person to Amazon’s site.

For the most part Amazon will start you off with a set commission level of 4%.  That level can go up though with the more products you sell during the month.  At the same time, there are certain product categories that have a fixed advertising fee rate.

What You Need To Remember

It’s easy to get excited about making money from using an affiliate program like Amazon.  You may want to fill your posts with affiliate links to try to get more people to click and then buy.  It’s important to remember though that your reputation is on the line.  If you fill your posts with links it’s going to look spammy and people are less likely to click.  Also you don’t want to recommend a product that you don’t have experience with yourself.  If you recommend something that isn’t a good product then no one will listen to any other recommendation that you make.  Also, don’t only tell about the good things of the product your recommending.  Tell your readers about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Your readers will respect your recommendation more than if you just tell about the good, and they’re more likely to click on your link and make a purchase.  Finally if you put an affiliate link in your post make sure you disclose that in your post as it is a rule of the FTC.

How To Apply For The Program

Joining the Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy.  Just go here and click on “Join Now for Free.”  I recommend signing up with an email that goes with your blog, but you could use an Amazon account that you already have.  Then just fill out the information that Amazon asks for.  It will take a little time to fill everything out, but not long.  Once you’ve filled everything out you have to wait for approval from Amazon.  Most people hear from them within 24 hours.  If you’re accepted then there will be a little more information for you to fill out, and then you’ll be already to go!

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