Using ShareASale For Affiliate Marketing

Using ShareASale For Affiliate Marketing

Using ShareASale For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make some extra income from your blog.  You find a product or company, you’d like to work with and then you put an affiliate link to them on your blog.  If someone clicks on the link and buys the product you’re recommending you’ll get a percentage of the sale.  Easy though it is affiliate marketing can be hit or miss, and if only a few people buy the product then it can take a long time to make enough money to get paid.  That’s why I love affiliate networks like ShareASale.

What Are Affiliate Networks And How Do They Work?

Affiliate network sites are sites where you can find a huge number of affiliate programs together.  You first apply for an account on the affiliate networking site.  Once you’ve been accepted you then look through the list of affiliate programs and apply for the ones you want.  The affiliate programs then decide if they want you in their program or not.  Once you’ve been accepted into the programs you then can start adding banners and links to your blog.  The best part is that even if you only make one dollar with one program, and two with another, it all gets put together so the affiliate networking site will show that you’ve made three dollars.  By using an affiliate networking site you’ll earn a paycheck a lot faster.

Why Use ShareASale?

I think ShareASale is my favorite affiliate network company, and I have made more with them than any other affiliate site.  I joined them earlier this year and I have gotten a few checks from them already, and I know that I’ll get paid again next month.  The one thing I love the most is that some of the programs I work with through them will pay me (usually $5) to post a post ad for a product or service that they’re offering.  I usually get at least two of those ad posts a month.  It’s not a lot of money, but they’re always easy posts and it adds up to a payment every couple of months.  Not all of the programs do it, in fact, the majority of them don’t, but it’s very nice when you do get them.

If you’re ready to start adding affiliate marketing to your blog, or if you just want to expand on what you have, I highly recommend signing up for an affiliate network site.  ShareASale is a great one to start with too.

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