Use Liniqia To Get Sponsored Posts

Use Linqia To Get Sponsored Posts

Use Liniqia To Get Sponsored Posts

I often have bloggers ask me, “Where do you find sponsored posts?”  There are a number of sites that I actually use.  One that I added only a few months ago is a site called Linqia.  Carrie actually started working with them first and after her first successful campaign, she told Sarah and me that we had to join.

What Is Linqia?

Linqia is a site that helps connect brands with bloggers.  Their purpose is to help brands share their information/message with influential communities and to help community leaders (that’s us) to earn money by working with quality brands.

What I Like

I have to admit that there are a number of bloggers that don’t particularly like Linqia because of their requirements, but I really liked working with them.  On the campaign I did I had a real person who worked with me to help get me all set-up for my first campaign.  I also liked that a forum page was created for everyone working on the campaign.  This made it very easy to ask questions and share information with your campaign colleagues as well as with the people in charge of the campaign.  As an added bonus they pay pretty fast once the campaign is done.

What I Didn’t Like

Working on one of their campaigns is more work that just writing a blog post.  For each campaign everyone is required to get a specified number of clicks on the campaign links.  Now the number needed, and the amount you get paid, is based on your social reach as well as past campaign performance.  This isn’t a small number like 25 either.  On the campaign I did I had, what I assume, was the lowest level (it was my first campaign) and I had to get 84 clicks.  Now I know that sounds daunting, but it really wasn’t so bad in the end.  It does mean that you have to spend more time promoting your blog post and the campaign more than you normally would though.  You have to reach your required number of clicks to get your full pay, so you’ll want to do a lot to get them.

Overall I was very happy working with Linqia.  From things I had heard from other bloggers, I had put Linqia off because I thought that it would be impossible to get the number of clicks, but I’m so happy that Carrie convinced me to work with them.  Come back next Wednesday to read my post all about tips for how to make your campaign with them successful.

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