Tips For Linqia Campaigns

Tips For Linqia Campaigns

Tips For Linqia Campaigns

Last week I told you all about Linqia.  One of the many companies that I work with to get sponsored posts.  Well, today I want to give you tips that will help you have successful campaigns with them.  If you read my post then you know that one of the big things about working with Linqia is that you have to get a specified number of clicks for every campaign you work on.  This can sound quite daunting, but really it isn’t that difficult if you follow these tips.

Follow The Rules!

OK, by the point we are all at in life we should all know that we should follow the rules.  Seems simple enough, but as adults, we like to bend the rules too when we feel we need to.  Linqia wants all of the clicks on their campaign links to be natural.  Simply put that means that you can’t ask anyone to click on the links for you.  Trust me when I say that you’ll want to.  When you’re trying to reach a certain number of clicks it gets a little nerve-racking, but if you want to be able to work on more campaigns with them then it’s important that you follow the rules and not ask anyone to click on the links for you.  As long as you put some work into the campaign you will get your required clicks.

Twitter Is Your New Best Friend!

The easiest way to receive your clicks is with Twitter.  You’ll be surprised about how many clicks you can get on your link when you tweet it out.   This means a few things.  First, if you’re going to work with Linqia then you really want to build your Twitter following.  The more people that follow you the more people you have to click on your link.  You can also have some blogging friends retweet your tweet too.  That will help it reach a lot more people.  Second, you have to realize that while you do want to tweet the link to your post to get the traffic you’re going to spend a lot of time tweeting the actual link you want people to click and not the link to your post.  As bloggers, our goal is to get people to our blogs, but you’re more likely to hit your required number of links if you just give them the direct link on Twitter.

Learn To Use Hashtags

Another part of getting people to click your links is to add hashtags to your tweets so your tweet reaches more people.  Tweets that include three relevant hashtags are more likely to get clicked than ones that have even two hashtags.  The whole hashtag thing has been quite confusing for me, and it took some research on my part to start getting the hang of them.  If you feel lost with them too don’t worry because I will be posting a new post soon telling you all about how they work.

That’s it!  Three little things that will make a huge difference when it comes to a successful Linqia campaign.  If you follow these ideas then you’ll have no problems getting your required number of clicks.

Do you have any tips for Linqia campaigns?

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