5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Blog Posts

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Blog Posts

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Blog Posts

You did it! You sat down, wrote a great blog post, and got it published to your site.  Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for people to read it.  Wait, what?  As much as we’d all love to believe that our content is so great that readers check out our blogs every day to see if we posted something we all know that isn’t the case.  You can be a huge blogger, but if you don’t promote your post than there is no way you’re going to drive traffic to those posts.  Without readers there isn’t much point to your blog, so it’s up to you to let your readers know that you have something new for them, or point them in the direction of a post they may like.  Here are my 5 favorite ways to drive traffic to your blog posts.

1. Promote On Social Media

We all have social media accounts.  If you don’t then you need to get on that.  Sarah has stressed many times how important it is to be on all types of social media, even if you don’t use them all, because you never know what the next big one will be.  A few years back no one knew what Pinterest was, now everyone and their mother are on it.  You want your posts promoted on the social media sites people go to.  I tried to stay away from Pinterest, but that was a mistake.  Within a couple months it was one of my largest traffic sources.  In fact, it has been my largest source of referral traffic for months, and it beats the others by a landslide!  Once you’ve written a post you need to share it with all of your social media followers.  Post it to your Facebook fan page, tweet it, pin it, stumble it, put it on Linkedin.  Just get it out there!  Not only do you want your readers to see it, but hopefully they’ll pass it on helping even more people to see it.

2. Add Them To A Blog Comment

There are right ways to do this and wrong ways to do this.  I do not recommend putting a link within your comment.  Many bloggers will see that as spam and will automatically delete it.  Not good!  There are right ways to do it though.  Find blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin.  Then when you leave a comment it will have a direct link to your most recent post.  Also when you fill out the link for your blog on the comment form you can add a link to a specific post if it’s relevant.  I made a comment once on a food blog about the egg free banana bread that I make for Nick.  Instead of just leaving my blog address I left the direct link to my post on how to make the banana bread.

3. Put Links To Poss In Other Posts

You never know when something might interest a reader, so it’s always good to give them links to click on that will lead them to other posts on your blog.  You may have noticed that in the section above I linked to my egg-free banana bread post.  Now it doesn’t have anything to do with blogging, but someone reading this post may think that sounds great and wants to learn more.  If they have to go searching for it though they may not take the time, if I give them a link they may click on it.  As an added bonus the links can help improve your SEO.

4. Use Plugins

There are a lot of different plugins out there that will help drive traffic to your blog posts.  You can get them for your most popular posts, related posts, and most recent posts.  Having one for related posts at the bottom of your posts is really good because it can help keep readers on your blog.  Internet users love to click around, so when they get to the end of the post they will click on something.  If you have a related posts plugin they’re more likely to click on one of the mentioned posts instead of the “x” to close the window.

5. Have Other Bloggers Post Your Links

There are a lot of ways you can go about this.  You could form a group with other bloggers where you share each other’s posts.  I’m in a Pinterest group where we pin posts from each member’s blog twice a week.  That way our posts are seen by a whole new group of people.  You could also do this by guest posting on someone else’s blog.  Guest posting is great for both parties.  You can put links within your guest post that will drive traffic back to a specific post on your blog.  This is REALLY good for your SEO and page rank.  You also could approach another blogger and ask them to link up to a post you have written.  If you go this route though make sure you’ve made a connection with that blogger because with so much blogging spam out there nowadays they may not pay much attention to your request otherwise.

There are other ways that you can drive traffic to your blog posts, but these are my favorites.  It is very important that you get out there and share, share, share, because if people don’t know about your blog post than they’re not going to read it.

What other ways do you use to drive traffic to your posts?

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