5 Ways Of Getting Traffic To Old Posts

5 Ways Of Getting Traffic To Old Posts

5 Ways Of Getting Traffic To Old Posts

We’re bloggers.  We spend a lot of time sitting at our computers and writing.  Then we publish a post, people share it, it gets good traffic, and slowly that traffic disappears.  The old post may get hits from time to time, but nothing like it was.  It can be so sad.  OK maybe it’s only sad to me, but it still isn’t fun.  You will have posts that will always get traffic, but you will also have good ones that may see very little traffic.  You still took time to write those posts though, so it’s nice when they still bring the readers in.  How can you get that traffic though?  Today I’m going to tell you about 5 ways of getting traffic to old posts.

1. Tweet Old Posts

One way that I like for getting traffic to old posts is with a plugin called Tweet Old Posts.  Truly the name says it all.  It is a plug in that you can get for WordPress (not sure about Blogger) that will tweet out your old content.  Once you have the plug in installed you can make a lot of choices on how it works.  For example you can choose what categories you don’t want tweeted and how often the tweets go out.  I have mine set to tweet every four hours (that’s the default).  Without you having to do a thing it will randomly choose a post and tweet it.  You may not get a ton of hits (it really depends on the post and the time it goes out), but people have clicked on those links for me.  Once you download it and set it up the way you want to you can forget about it because it will do all the work.

2. Pin Posts You Have Already Pinned

OK I have to say that when I read about doing this a few weeks ago it was mind blowing.  Pinterest can be a great traffic source, but pins can really get lost after time.  After a month, or longer, you can go back and pin posts that are no longer getting Pinterest traffic. It doesn’t hurt to put your posts back into people’s Pinterest feeds.  It’s also a good idea to pin old holiday posts when the time comes around again.  Those ones really get lost.  Plus if you’re like me and you didn’t join Pinterest until after you had been blogging for awhile then make sure to go back and pin older posts that had never been pinned.

3. Add Links In New Posts

When you’re writing new posts make sure that you link back to old posts that you’ve written when relevant.  This will not only encourage your readers to read an older post, but it’s also great for your SEO.

4. Update Cold Content

Another thing you can do is update your old content and share it all over again.  Could you add a video?  New pictures?  It’s great to refresh your old work, and over time you’ll get a lot of new followers, so your post will be all new to them.


One thing you really want to make sure you do is add a plugin that shows related posts at the end of every post.  This not only helps bring traffic to older posts, but it also is a good way to keep readers reading.

How do you go about getting traffic to old posts?

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