10 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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I know that personally increasing my blog traffic is one of the main issues I struggle with.

So I thought I’d put together some tips for you to help you increase traffic to your blog.

10 Tips For Increasing Traffic:

1. Quality Content – If you have quality content then you will, eventually, get noticed. Make sure that it is a) something people are interested in (not just your family) b) error-free and c) has a great title that makes people want to read more.
2. Be consistent – You need to post often enough that when people come to your blog they have something new to read. As a new blogger, you really need to build up your article base. I suggest posting once a day for the first 3 months if you really want to build that base. But be sure that you aren’t just posting to post…remember the quality content. If once a day is too much then be sure to set a schedule with the minimum being 3 times a week.
3. Link to other blogs – One way to get noticed is to link to other blogs. Those bloggers will be sent a notice that you’ve linked to them and will hopefully come to check out why. Also always link to other posts within your blog to keep people on your site.
4. Use eye-catching photos – People will be drawn in by the photos. Be sure to put your post title in the title and alt tags of your image so that it will come up when people do searches. Also, be sure to use photo editing tools to watermark your photos so they are not stolen.
5. Put links in your email signature – Each time you send an email your links will go out…someone is bound to click on them. Don’t forget to put social media links!
6. Use social media – Post your blog updates on Facebook and Twitter so that your friends know that you’ve updated your blog. Also, make sure that you have a button on your Facebook page that links to your blog and your URL in your Twitter profile.
7. Social Bookmarking sites – Join Pinterest and StumbleUpon (there are a few more too) and start adding your posts. Ask your friends to add your posts too.
8. RSS/Email subscriptions – Make sure that you have ways for people to subscribe to your blog so that updates are automatically sent to them.
9. Commenting – Be sure to comment on at least 3 other blogs per day using your blog email and website URL. People will click on those and come back to your blog. Also, respond to comments on your blog. This creates a conversation and people will come back to see what you’ve responded and continued the conversation.
10. Participate in forums – By participating in forums, you make friends and build followers. Make sure that you are commenting daily and that you have your blog and social media links in your signature so that people can get to know you more.
I hope these tips give you a place to start. I have tons more tips and could probably do a complete post on each of these. But this is a good start.
Which one will you start with?

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