How To Create A Sneeze Page

How To Create A Sneeze Page

We are halfway through Darren Rowse’s “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” program, and today’s task is to create a “sneeze page” for your blog.

I will be honest…until I read the book, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I had never heard of a sneeze page. The concept, however, is something I am familiar with – and thanks to this challenge, I’ve now implemented it on my own blog!

How To Create A Sneeze Page

A “sneeze page” is a landing page on your blog that showcases your most awesome work.

For example…let’s say you blog about books. You might have a sneeze page showing all the book reviews you’ve written for your very favorite books. Or, let’s say you blog about crafts. You might have a sneeze page showing all of your favorite kid-friendly crafts.

A sneeze page makes it easy for your readers to access your best (or most popular) stuff, all in one place.

As a part of this challenge, I created my own sneeze page. I decided to make a page for all the free printables I’ve created (and plan on creating in the near future). On my home page, I created a banner that says “Free Printables” – if you click it, it will take you to my sneeze page!

There are lots of ways you can create a sneeze page. I have a subscription to InLinkz (which costs $2 a month), and I used a tutorial I found online to create my page. You can find the tutorial here. However, you don’t need to use InLinkz to create your page! You can simply list out the links and add your own pictures of the posts you’d like to share.

Of course, once you’ve created your page, you want to make it easy to find.

I made a banner for my sneeze page and put it in my sidebar. I also added the page – Free Printables – to the menu in my navigation bar. People now have two ways to find it…and once I add some more links to it, I’ll pin it.

Be sure to properly SEO your page, as it will be like any other blog post – and you want Google to find it!

Do you currently have a “sneeze page” (or several) for your blog? What do you use it for?

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