10 Secrets Getting Stumbleupon To Work For You

TBB HANGOUT 4 – 10 Secrets Getting Stumbleupon To Work For You

Welcome to our 4th TBB Hangout! Check here to see the list of all of our other Hangout topics.

I know, I know…one more social media site is not what you want to add to your list of things to do, but we think that StumbleUpon will really show you some good return on investment.

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. It’s pretty easy to use and really only works when you actually use it correctly.

First things first, go to StumbleUpon and download the toolbar. Then watch the video.

10 Secrets Getting Stumbleupon To Work For You

10 Secrets Getting Stumbleupon To Work For You

– We recommend that you add 4 pieces of content from other people’s sites for every 1 of yours. Stumble Upon likes to see that you are adding to it’s content network, not just trying to promote yourself.

– Go to your profile page and click “add a page” or click the thumbs up in your toolbar to add a page to your likes.

– Add Categories and Tags to items that you stumble.

– Create lists to organize your content and make it easier to find.

– Make sure that your content is GREAT and so are your images to get the most stumbles on your content.

– Make sure that you have a StumbleUpon link on each post to make it easy for your readers to stumble your content.

– Spend 15 min a day (please do yourself a favor and set a timer or you WILL get sucked in) stumbling.

– You are only allowed to follow 500 people so don’t worry about finding all your blogging buddies. Make sure that the people you follow are active users and add great content that you find useful.

– Use your time wisely. Use this stumbling time to add content to your Pinterest boards or to share with you FB and Twitter followers. This can be a great content curation tool that will allow you to be the go to person for cool stuff for your readers.

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